Bond programs provide schools with the opportunity to make necessary improvements

By Carolyn Perlmutter | Editor in Chief


The cafeteria renovation that took place over the summer was funded by the 2011 bond program. Bond programs fund construction, athletics, fine arts, technology upgrades and help maintain facilities. (Perlmutter)

Every five years the RISD creates a bond package to be voted on by residents. These bond programs are designed to facilitate and equip RISD schools.

Bonds provide the funding for big projects aimed at improving academics, athletics, fine arts, technology, curriculum and instruction. A vote is taken to establish the amount of money that can be borrowed during the five years.

The next potential bond package is scheduled for 2016.

A major goal of the 2016 bond program is to accommodate the expected secondary growth throughout the district. Lake Highlands in particular is anticipated to see a high level of growth due to the 25 percent elementary enrollment increase.

Bond money is essential to the district’s growth and is necessary to expand. It provides funding for schools to run, not just day to day, but for the long term.

Many important renovations have been a part of the bond program. The 2011 bond package included the Pearce cafeteria renovation, and the 2006 bond package provided funding to remodel the Mustang-Eagle Stadium.

The RISD’s bond program gives the district the opportunity to get much-needed capital. Renovating and expanding is critical, especially for the district’s older buildings, but raising the standards, expectations and academic options provided to students is where money is desperately needed.

Districts such as the Plano ISD have opened schools that specialize in different styles of learning, such as project-based learning. Specialized teaching is an area where the RISD is hoping to improve.

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