Homecoming build tradition done away with

By Carolyn Perlmutter | Editor in Chief


Students decorates their traditional hallway during the 2014 Homecoming hallway build. The hallways were originally divided between the different grade levels and clubs for decoration with clubs such as AVID and Spanish clubs.

Student government has changed the way Homecoming decorating will be done this year. Homecoming builds are being removed and replaced because they were uninclusive and time consuming.

Homecoming builds have been a tradition at Pearce for over 30 years.

“You don’t want a tradition that is going to exclude people,” senior student government officer Sarah Wingate said.

According to a survey of AB Calculus, BC Calculus and Forensics classes last year, more than 60 percent of seniors surveyed did not help decorate the hallway the Thursday before Homecoming.

“I did the survey because I was taking over as senior class sponsor, and I wanted to get feedback and ideas to keep people involved,” Spanish teacher Erin Carstens said.

But almost 40 percent of seniors did participate in Homecoming hall way builds and many freshmen, sophomores and juniors did as well.

“I participated in Homecoming hallway builds my sophomore year because I had free time,” junior Katie Hamilton said.

“It was a fun way to bond with classmates I wouldn’t normally see outside of the classroom,” Katie added.

The new Wednesday night sign and poster making aims to continue the tradition of having spirited hallways while being more inclusive by being open to everyone.

“I feel like it won’t be as spirited because last year we transformed the halls and you don’t get the same effect through signs,” senior Izzy Fanucci said.

The amount of time spent on the decorations was also a concern.

“Last years seniors stayed until 3 a.m.” senior student government officer Anna Fernandes said.

This year instead of the traditional late Thursday night Homecoming hallway decorating builds, there will be many other new Homecoming traditions.

“Lunch on the lawn will be the Friday of Homecoming,” student government sponsor Sarah Easterling said. “Since it’s during school, everyone will have the opportunity to have a good time.”

These changes are part of initiative to involve the entire community and make it a true “Homecoming” where alumni come back.

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