The Walk captivates audiences with intense, realistic graphics

By Barak Levy | Sports Editor


The Walk was released on Sept. 30 in movie theaters across the U.S. The movie was directed by Robert Zebecks, who also directed Back to the Future, Flight and Castaway.

The Walk is a movie based on the true story of Philippe Petit (Joseph Gordon-Levitt) and his attempt to pursue his dream of walking on a wire across the Twin Towers.

This was one of Joseph Gordon-Levitt’s best roles as Philippe Petit, a French tightrope walker with a extremely strong French accent and an extremely impatient mind.

The movie was able to capture many angles of the tightroping experience, and the shots of the camera looking down from the high wire make your heart stop.

In the movie, right when Philippe Petit learns about the construction of the Twin Towers he knew it was his dream to walk across a wire connecting the towers. Philippe faces many setbacks throughout the film, but through impressive determination he is still able to get up on the wire and perform.

The only criticism of this film has been that Philippe breaks through the fourth wall throughout the film to narrate to the audience. It took away the flow of the movie and interrupted the intensity.

Many people know of the story of Philippe Petit, but this movie gives insight on how he was able to get the wire up and what was going through his mind as he got closer and closer to his walk.

Throughout the entire movie Philippe faces setbacks that would make most people give up, including stepping on a nail three weeks before his walk. But Philippe was determined and would not let get anything get in the way of his destiny.

The movie was fantastic overall. It was fast paced, and it made viewers feel like they were part of the experience. The movie is very inspirational and teaches people that they are able to do anything.

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