Advisory requirements are unsympathetic to students

By Daniel Doan | Entertainment Editor

IMG_4394.JPGPearce department heads authorized changes in advisory on Aug. 21. These changes have made it harder for students to get help they need.

This year in advisory, students have to listen to the announcements before they can go to the class they want to get help in. With announcements running from three to five minutes and a two-minute walk to the class, students lose around seven minutes out of a 27-minute advisory class. This has severely hampered students’ ability to get questions answered and for teachers to help with tutoring.

“It’s terrible because some people need more time to get help in their classes,” junior student government officer Roberto Albarran said.

Another change affects how students are allowed to go their advisory classes. Instead of a pass like last year, each student gets a piece of paper that the teacher must fill out before advisory. This takes even more time away from students and doesn’t even take into account the fact that students might not be able to anticipate which subject they need help in.

“I know that it’s inconvenient that we have to wait until after announcements, but I think with the advisory sheets, we are saving a lot of paper,” junior Hope Bruening said.

Along with every other change, freshmen can’t leave their advisory until after the first six weeks and only then if they are passing all of their classes.

The reason that students have to listen to the announcements before leaving is that they give out information. They made the change in paper to use less of it and to add more structure and order to the hallways before advisory. Freshmen can’t leave their advisory class because they are new and haven’t yet earned the privilege.

“I think they are off to a good start, but with anything new, you have to monitor it and make changes as needed,” Principal Philip Bates said

Saving paper with the new passes is a good change, but students can get the announcements from Edline. Few people listen to the announcements even now. This is a huge time waster, and it will show as the six weeks ends and students grades are finalized.

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