Spike Ball Club offers new sport and experience to interested students

By Graham Rosen | Editor in Chief

FullSizeRender.jpgThe Spike Ball Club is a new club at Pearce this year that was founded by sophomore Hayden Giller and sophomore Barak Levy.

The club meets for one reason, to play spike ball, a game that is a combination of volleyball and four square.

Spike ball is a interesting game that uses a net as well as other items from various sports.

“Spike ball is a mixture of volleyball and four square,” club founder Barak Levy said. “Two two-person teams play against one another, hitting a ball off of the ground onto a circular net.”

Club co-founder Hayden Giller and Barak got the idea of starting the club when they played it during the summer.

“My good friend Hayden and I played spike ball at a camp that we go to in New York where it is really big,” Barak said. “Up there it was really big, and we wanted to play it down here so we thought, why don’t we start a club here in Dallas?”

Since the club has started, they have focused on recruiting new people to share the sport with.

“Here there are not many people that play, and we want to change that,” Hayden said. “It’s very fun to teach to people and it is even more fun to play.”

“We’ve put ads in the school newspaper, and we are now making signs to put around the school in order to help more people find out about the club,” Barak said. “We are also going to start giving out door prizes in order to encourage people to come.”

The founders have lofty goals for the club that include competitions and tournaments.

“Right now we’re the only ones that do it in Dallas, but we hope that that changes in the next few years,” Hayden said. “Hopefully, there will be tournaments between us and other schools with teams.”

The club is sponsored by freshman Biology teacher Lisha Haughton.

“It was Barak and Hayden that asked me to sponsor the club, and any chance I get to help people out and make them feel more involved in Pearce, I’ll do it,” Mrs. Haughton said.

“My job as a sponsor is to make sure that they all have fun, to help them obtain their goals and to get more kids involved,” she added.

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