College applications prove stressful and time consuming for seniors

By Abby Terrill | Staff Writer

The beginning of fall is symbolic to many as the beginning of cooler temperatures, back-to-school and falling leaves. But for this year’s seniors, the start of autumn is symbolic of the start of the long and tedious college application process.

The process is, without a doubt, stressful. Requesting transcripts, getting recommendation letters, writing essays, applying for scholarships and financial aid are just a few of the things required before end-of-year deadlines.

For those wanting to avoid the November application rush, the pressure is even greater.

“It’s incredibly stressful,” senior Marisol Espinal said, “especially since I have to work even faster in order to be considered for early admission.”

Despite counselors kicking it into high gear this semester to help seniors with their applications, many will still have to endure anxiety-ridden days and nights and shrinking free time.

Perhaps the most nerve-wracking part of the application process is being under the scrutinizing eye of colleges.

“Sometimes four years of work seems demeaning when laid out on paper because it doesn’t seem like enough to get into a good school,” Marisol said.

However, many schools are lifting part the load off of students by no longer requiring previously mandatory things. For example, several colleges across the nation no longer ask students to submit SAT and ACT scores.

While more universities are removing test scores from applications, counselors still strongly recommend taking the tests.

“I find it a waste of money, though,” senior Ryder Soleno said, “if you’re taking a test that’s not required for some places.”

The fall semester is perhaps one of the most complicated and tedious semester for college-bound seniors, but it is also one of the most important.

“Applying for college feels like a decision that’ll most impact your life,” Ryder said.

Stress is something that a college-hopeful senior cannot avoid. While everyone’s level of anxiety differs, anxiety stemming from applying to college can put a damper on the fun and perks of one’s senior year.

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