Orchestra fundraises for trip to Corpus Christi

By Katie Mulry | Staff Writer

The Pearce orchestras are currently selling chocolate. The chocolate is a fundraiser for the orchestra’s trip to Corpus Christi in April.

Without the fundraiser, students have to pay $450 each to attend. Each box of chocolate an orchestra member sells contributes $30 to his trip cost.

“It’s to allow students to offset the trip payments so kids don’t have to pay out-of-pocket for something like orchestra,” orchestra director Melissa Livings said.

The orchestra has sold chocolate as a fundraiser for many years.

“It’s instant gratification,” Mrs. Livings said. “I liked the idea that it was something you could immediately give to someone, so you don’t have to take orders.”

This year, the orchestra ordered over 200 boxes of chocolate. The fundraiser ends when all 200 boxes are sold.

“We’ll do a possible reorder if there is demand,” Mrs. Livings said.

The orchestra takes an in-state trip every year, with the exception of one out-of-state trip every four years.

“It’s an educational and performance opportunity outside of our area,” Mrs. Livings said. “That’s the primary reason. The secondary reason is it’s a bonding experience, which allows us to perform better as an ensemble.”

Many orchestra students are excited for the trip.

“I think it’s going to be fun,” philharmonic violinist Avery Longfield said. “We’re going to go to Corpus Christi, and we’re probably going to have a lot of group-building activities, which will be great, getting to know the upperclassmen and all the other freshmen. It’ll be really fun. It’s a little expensive, but I think it’s worth it.”

Orchestra students are allowed to pick the people they’ll room with for the duration of the trip.

“We’re planning a spring trip party before the trip so people can get to know each other and find roommates,” orchestra social co-chair Stephanie Bullard said.

“I’ve always thought that the roommate part was the most fun,” Avery said. “You get really close with your roommates. Like, you get to wake them up, and do all the things together.”

The exact number of students attending the trip is unknown currently. “We always aim for everybody,” Mrs. Livings said. “Traditionally it’s about 90 percent.”

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