ColorCycle raises science funds

By Carolyn Perlmutter | Editor in Chief


Mr. Jonathan Denton’s AP Environmental Science class will raise money through Crayola’s ColorCycle this year. This money will be used for in class labs and field trips.

“We raise the money with the kids, they fund the field trips, and if need be we ask for money from the school,” Mr. Denton said. “Last year the school was really nice and funded our trip.”

Mr. Denton has been teaching at Pearce for two years. He teaches AP Environmental Science and on-level Chemistry.

“Mr. Denton proposed this the second week of school, and we all pretty much jumped on board with the idea,” senior Betsy Shook said. “There are many times throughout class when many of us feel rather helpless and unhelpful toward the crimes and issues of the world, but this fundraiser is a small part we can easily manage in helping out mankind.”

Crayola ColorCycle is one of Crayola’s initiatives to be eco-friendly and promote sustainability, especially through educating students. ColorCycle aims to reduce the amount of plastic sent to landfills.Crayola’s other environmental projects include using reforested wood in their pencils and using solar energy.

“We recycle plastics, send them to Crayola, and they pay us to recycle,” Mr. Denton said.

The class will be collecting used plastic markers of any brand and sending them to Crayola. Crayola pays for all the shipping fees.

Highlighters and dry erase markers are also accepted.

Crayola turns the markers into clean fuel that can be used as a sources of power and heat.

“I was looking up recycling ideas and Crayola came up,” Mr. Denton said. “We are still in the process of getting permission.”

AP Environmental Science is a hands-on science class with many labs, including soil test and fossil fuel labs, that this funding will be put toward.

AP Environmental Science students also get the opportunity to go on field trips to observe various environments.

“It really helps when we can go to the environment and study,” Mr. Denton said.

AP Environmental Science students will be going to the wetlands to study wetland ecology on Nov. 20.

“I personally care a lot about the ecosystems around us, and I believe that environmental sciences are much more applicable in a daily lifestyle rather than courses such as Chemistry or Physics,” senior Sophie Kellner said. “I wanted to learn what is really going on with our world underneath the surface.”

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