AP Environmental Science students go to the Dallas Zoo

By Michael Clarke | Advertising Editor


AP Environmental Science students wait at the Arapaho DART Rail Station for the train to the Dallas Zoo on Oct. 29. The students went to the Dallas Zoo in order to see real world examples of concepts they learned in the classroom. (Denton)

On Oct. 29 members of Mr. Jonathan Denton’s AP Environmental Science class went on a day long trip to the Dallas Zoo. The purpose of the field trip was to see many of the concepts the students had learned in the classroom in a real world simulation.

“Going to the zoo lets the kids make connections and see the things we’ve talked about in class in the authentic environment that the zoo provides,” Mr. Denton said.

Students were given scavenger hunt sheets to complete around the zoo which incorporated many units and topics the students in Mr. Denton’s class had covered up to that point in the year.

“The scavenger hunt sheet had questions about ecology, different biomes, the decline in the biodiversity in the world and the overall purpose of a zoo in our society,” senior Maria August said.

Students began their Thursday trip to the zoo by day by taking DART rail to the station at the Dallas Zoo.

“We all met up at the Arapaho DART station and made about 14 other stops until we got to the the zoo station,” senior Zuelma Vidiana said.

Students spent the entire school day completing activities at the zoo, including frequenting the zoo’s dining facilities.

“I decided to buy my lunch at the zoo and eat outside with my group I was doing the scavenger hunt with,” senior Gunnar Hendrickson said.

While students had to complete the scavenger hunt, most said that they had an enjoyable experience at the zoo.

“While we had to do a scavenger hunt to turn in, I still had a great time at the zoo seeing all the animals and everything,” senior Willy Cruzalta said.

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