Teacher helps students succeed

Sam Elliott | Opinions Editor

20151113_143238-2.jpgAP Biology and Pre-AP Chemistry teacher Matthew Fields has been educating students at Pearce for eight years. As a teacher he has encouraged students to pursue science and pre-medical studies.

“One of the ways I help students learn the material is by communicating with other AP Bio teachers across the nation,” Mr. Fields said. “I might not teach it the exact way they do, but their view helps me explain it to students in different ways.”

In addition to communicating with teachers, Mr. Fields holds Saturday study sessions to help kids review. He also keeps a class website updated with content so students who miss school are able to keep up with the class and not fall behind.

He decided to save up money for medical school by teaching, but after his first two years, decided that Pearce was the place for him.

“One of the things that has drawn me to teaching is the students,” Mr. Fields said. “I have continued to help students with questions about a concept in their college classes and provide motivation to continue on their goal.”

Mr. Fields receives about four emails a week from former students. He tries to answer their questions because it challenges him and keeps his brain fresh.

“With the student’s success, I feel successful because I have prepared them well for their college classes,” Mr. Fields said. “Even though I am not achieving those goals, I still feel like part of the success.”

“Mr. Fields makes class very interesting with his quirky anecdotes from when he was younger,” senior Ben Rosenthal said. “He even told us about how he used one of the concepts in bio–chi squared–to show that the color dots he got were not proportionate and evenly distributed.”

The class is mainly based on lecturing but includes many of Mr. Fields colorful stories, including one story of him teaching himself to play the drums. He did this during a zero-hour class at school that he skipped and studied for at night so he could take advantage of the band room.

“Mr. Fields does a great job of preparing students for the AP exam with a high passing rate across all his classes,” senior Tim Xia said.

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