Clothes Closet helps Pearce students

By Daniel Doan | Entertainment Editor

P1110522.jpgThe Clothes Closet is an initiative that helps underprivileged students receive clothes that they might have no other way to get. Student Assistance Specialist Kristy Sender created the Clothes Closet this year because she saw a need for it.

Because of Ms. Sender, there is now a permanent source that helps people who don’t have the clothes to keep themselves warm during cold months.

“The experience of growing and creating the food pantry and clothes closet has been incredibly rewarding and touching,” Ms. Sender said. “Each time a student leaves with a bag of food, a new backpack or a warm sweater, I am reminded of the tremendously supportive and generous Pearce family and community.”

So many people donated clothes that Ms. Sender had to ask for people to stop donating because they ran out of room. Teens Offering Peer Support and Ms. Sender had to completely organize the clothes. Clothes that no teenager would wear will go to Goodwill or to the Richardson Clothes Closet.

“Its gone so well that we have had to so many clothes that we had to limit donations temporarily,” Counselor Willa Myers said.

Organizing the Clothes Closet went a lot faster than it would have because of the help of TOPS. TOPS organized the Clothes Closet right before winter break started.

“They spent a long time collecting different clothes and shoes for boys and girls who may have been underprivileged and underdressed in the winter season,” senior Chase Keller said. “They did a great job of filling up the room with many options for kids in need.”

To get needed clothing, a student can go to Ms. Sender and she will take that person to the Clothes Closet and let him pick something out that they like, or they can just request a specific piece of clothing from her.

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