AVID students earn over $1 million in scholarships

By Pablo Velazquez | Staff Writer

The Pearce AVID students have raised over $1 million in scholarship money this year. They have applied for many scholarships and have received a lot of money from them.

“We raised $1.2 million last semester, and probably have about $1.4 million raised right now,” AVID teacher Lindsey Santarelli said.

It is very difficult to get applications in on time and to keep track of them throughout the year.

“The kids have been applying or these scholarships since the beginning of the year, and along with that 70 kids have gotten acceptance letters to colleges,” Ms. Santarelli said.

This is a lot of money to get from scholarships, so there has to be a way that this much is raised.

“The merit scholarship is where most of the money comes from and is what makes up a lot of the amount the kids earn,” Ms Santarelli said.

There are other ways that the kids save money for college through other scholarships.

“The AP scholarship is a scholarship that helps you pay for the AP exams. They started applying for these at the beginning of the semester. Fifty-three students applied and received this scholarship,” Ms.Santarelli said.

The AVID students feel very rewarded. They feel very good about themselves, and are very happy with their accomplishments.

“They are very excited. They feel very good about the money they raised and all the acceptance letters they have gotten,” Ms.Santarelli said. “It is great for the kids because, sure they get all the acceptance letters and stuff, but to have a college say to you that you are worth $40,000 it is great.”

While this amount may seem impressive, they can earn more with more applications throughout the rest of the school year and expect to earn even more scholarship money than they have right now.

“We are not done yet. We still have the rest of the school year left to apply for more scholarships. Students are also applying for scholarships that will give them money to help them pay for any college they want to go to. So they have more options than just the ones that give them money to go to only their school. We should get about another $100,000 before we are done,” Ms.Santarelli said.

Many of the students have already applied for other scholarships to help them pay for college. There are some government scholarships that many of them are applying for.

“Many students are also still applying for financial aid scholarships like FASFA and many others,” Ms.Santarelli said.

The AVID students have been very determined and are still going. Many of them are still getting scholarship money and are waiting on replies from other scholarships.

“They are some of the hardest working kids here at Pearce,” Mrs. Santarelli said. “They have overcome a lot of things that most students at Pearce don’t deal with. They are all mostly in more than one AP class and have helped many of their friends apply for scholarships and colleges. They are great kids and are very beneficial to this school.”

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