‘Shut the Front Door’ attempts to stop underage drinking through pledges

By Sam Elliott | Opinion Editor

20160112_071314.jpgThe Pearce “Shut the Front Door” campaign is a pledge that parents take to not supply alcohol to students. The campaign uses yard signs and informational sessions to keep students safe.

A campaign against parents allowing and supplying alcohol was initiated by an article on Huffington Post written by a mother about her son and the dangers of drinking. The article focused on the mother sharing information about alcohol.

The Shut the Front Door Campaign has an important purpose: to protect children from the dangers associated with alcohol abuse. However, fundamentally, the campaign goes about the goal incorrectly because it relies on parent’s pledge to prohibit their children from drinking.

Pledging to not supply ones’ child with alcohol is the parent’s promise, not the student’s pledge. The student is the one who is potentially breaking the law, and many times students drink without the knowledge of their parents.While underage drinking is against the law, it is also important to expose children to some substances they will be exposed to later. A child that is introduced to alcohol by sipping wine instead of slamming vodka before going to a dance is much less likely to abuse alcohol.

Many students who go to college do so with little understanding of the effects of alcohol. Blacking out is becoming more common as students do not learn how to drink socially and instead just get drunk. The National Institute on Alcohol Abuse estimates that between 35 percent to 50 percent of undergraduates blackout in their college career.

The problems that occur from underage drinking come from the age limit that gives more mystique to alcohol. The Shut the Front Door campaign gives even more mystique to alcohol.

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