Students make New Year’s resolutions for school

By Alicia Arias | Journalism 1 Staff

With a new year, comes a new semester with many changes. Students and teachers have thought of many new ideas to help them out with school and academic activities. They have come up with skills and techniques to help them out with the new year.

“I have considered going to tutoring more and getting more help when i need it, rather than doing it last minute,” freshman Vanessa Montiel said.

Students have been trying to increase their studying skills and get rid of their procrastination habits. Many have tried new skills such as just turning off their phone or being in a quiet place to study. Although it may seem like the smallest, silliest thing, it does help students a lot and lets them focus. With no distractions, they can finish the work and still have time to relax for the day. Breaking bad habits are things that everyone’s trying to resolve.

“Last semester was really something I wished I would have taken seriously. I now realize what I should improve on and get help on,” freshman Kara Solcruz said.

Many students have slacked off the first semester and now have realized how it could affect them in school. Looking back at last year’s grades has been a wakeup call and has changed students’ mindsets. Students have become ineligible or are unable to participate in sports or trips because of their grades, which has motivated them to get their grades up. They try to get things done during any period they have, even if it wastes their own personal time, wanting to still be able to have passing grades and manage their schedule.

“I am trying to individualize instruction,” Mrs. Jordan Cappetta, AP Calculus and Algebra I teacher, said. “I’m trying to monitor the students, and if after one or two examples, a student has mastered the concept, then he or she can start on the homework.”

Teachers have been wanting students to come in and get help on lessons they don’t understand and be able to work with individuals more during class time. They think this would really be helpful to students and help them in school and reach their academic goals. Students many not always need the extra help, but it really does help change their understandings. This will make it easier for them to grasp other concepts and have other knowledge to work on for the new units.

Overall teachers and students have started the year with big and small changes that can really help them and each other, building better bonds and start on better habits. Many have begun to see changes in their grades and schedules and have been able to get assignments and grades done by the due date. Teachers have seen great changes in their classes and in students work. The new semester has really brought many changes to students and teachers, and has made J J Pearce a great place to learn in.

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