New ‘Pom Squad’ offers students additional dance experience

By Angela Gomez | Journalism 1 Staff

Pearce girls can join Pom Squad after taking a dance class, and then enroll in Pom Squad. Joining Pom Squad can further a student’s dance experience.

“The main purpose of Pearce Pom Squad is to offer more students the opportunity to preform at JJPHS events. The Pearce Pom Squad will provide dance students, who either chose to not tryout for Pacesetters or wanted to be part of organization other than Pacesetters, continual dance training without having to take classes outside of school,” sponsor Jaclyn Smith said. Pom Squad was created by Ms. Smith, a dance teacher at Pearce, to help Pearce girls have an opportunity to be on a dance team, even with no expeirence.

Pom squad does jazz and hip hop. They perform at basketball and soccer games.

“The main difference between Pom Squad and Pacesetters is the time commitment. Pom squad practices during class time only, whereas Pacesetters practice before school for two hours each day and often times after school,” Ms. Smith said. A lot of students don’t have the time to make such a commitment, but Pom provides a good time to be able to dance.

“Overall, I think Pom is a great class to be in. It gave me an opportunity to be involved with something that i enjoy doing. I will definitely be doing it in the future,” freshman Lluvia Mercado said. Pearce girls gain the experience of being on a team and being able to perform in front of an audience.

“Its pretty fun to perform and have experience performing and yes,” freshman Mexlli Padilla said.

“Pom is an organization that can help us strive to be Pacesetters by continuing dancing and being part of something at school,” Mexlli said. A lot of the girls that are on Pom Squad hope to gain dance experience and then tryout to be a Pacesetter.

“Pom is more about teamwork. We all have to rely on each other to make dancing work. We all give each other advice to see everyone succeed and it feels more like a family,”Lluvia said. Being on Pom Squad requires feedback from other pom members so they can succeed and have a great performance.

“You have to be in Drill Team Prep 1A for your first semester and then you can join Pom your second semester, because Pom is only second semester and there are also no tryouts. As long as you take the class, anyone is free to join,” sophomore Marisol Molina said. Incoming freshmen and anyone who wants to join can take drill team prep and then take Pom second semester.

“The team will hopefully promote school spirt and involvement across the JJPHS feeder school pattern, letting elementary and junior high students know they will all have an opportunity to be involved when they become Mustangs,” Mrs.Smith said. Pom participants are able to provide school spirt and also show girls that will soon be Mustangs that they have the opportunity to know they can be a part of something at Pearce.

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