Soccer adds third team this year

By Farouq Alahmed | Journalism 1 Staff

J.J. Pearce soccer has a third team this year, which is also known as “JV2”. The school decided to make the new team to give new players a chance to play their favorite sport and to prepare them for the following years.

“We want to give everybody a chance to play their favorite sport,” Coach Sean Dowlatshahi said.

It is the first year to have a third soccer team at Pearce, and with the help of the principal they found a new coach for the team.

The team normally practices after school at the same time as the other soccer teams with the new coach, Forrest Livings. “I’m glad to join the Pearce family,” Coach Livings said.

The team is starting their season with the other soccer teams, too, but with fewer games.

They had a difficult start at the beginning after they lost against Richardson High School, their first season game, but the team is practicing hard and preparing to win the coming games.

“We had to turn students away,” Coach Livings said. “It doesn’t really develop the program or help the students to have an invested interest in the school, so part of the reason they were able to create a program this year. a ‘third team,’ was to help students have more loyalty to the school and be proud of their school and also to participate in more activities.

The entire program has 76 players, with 20 players in JV2. The team has a variety of freshmen and sophomores and some juniors, to improve their leadership skills and help the younger players on the team.

Players are thankful to the school for forming the new team because it has improved their skills, given them an opportunity to play soccer for their school and participate in the soccer activities with the other soccer players.

“it helped me communicate. It helped me improve my skills, to work harder as a person, and to help my team, too,” forward Francesco Rinconi said.

All the off-season players had done some fundraising like car-washing and selling coupons and cookies to collect money to help the team and the school to pay for their uniforms, trips and everything else.

Some of their games start earlier than the other games, sometimes as early as 4 p.m., while other students are in school, so they have to leave some classes to warm up and be ready for the game, whether it’s a home game or away.

Players are getting an idea of what playing on a school soccer team is like, which helps them improve for next years. “One of the goals I want to have is none of my players to be on the JV2 next year. They’ll either be on varsity or JV1,” Coach Livings said.

The team suffered from some injuries. Three players got injured, including the main goalkeeper. “Coach is wanting to ease me in, to the flow of practices and games, and I understand that. I don’t want to rush it,” goalkeeper Cole Blakely said.

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