Anne Frank stuns audience with realism

By Daniel Doan | Entertainment Editor

IMG_0955.jpgThe theater department performed the play and true story of Anne Frank on March 22 at 6:30 and 8 p.m. in the auditorium This is the play Theater 2, 3 and 4 members used to advance to the Bi-District competition.

The Anne Frank play is based on a true story of a young Jewish girl and her family who lived in Nazi controlled Amsterdam. The Frank family went into hiding so that their daughter, Margot, wouldn’t be taken to a work camp. They hid in a secret apartment in the factory, where Anne’s father used to work, with the Pels Family and later a dentist, Fritz Pfeffer.

They lived in the secret apartment for around two years until a still-unknown informant gave them up and they were all taken and later killed in concentration camps with Anne’s father, Otto, being the only survivor.

This play was co-directed by theater teachers Heather Biddle and Bryan Lewis.

Senior Claire Greenberg was the star of play. She played Anne Frank, with secondary characters played by seniors Jack Durham and Shelby Griswold, and junior Sarah Peterson as Otto Frank, Auguste Pels and Edith Frank. The acting in this play was superb. Everyone truly got into their roles. The audience could tell how much the actors cared about their roles because of how much emotion they put into each line.

The clothes reflected the time and the family’s economic status. They looked as if they had just been bought from a shop in the time period, despite looking a little too unused.

The makeup was excellent, making each actor that played an older character gain decades of age. One problem was that the placed hair looked fake, kind of like they applied it all at once.

Although it was a play and not a musical, there was a bit of background singing. It was very good and paired extremely well with each scene. It made the scene where the Franks, Pels and Pfeffer were taken to concentration camps much more dramatic and realistic.

Altogether, this was an amazing play and the best one of the year so far. Students performed this play for UIL competition on March 24 at Mesquite Horn. They placed first out of eight schools, with North Mesquite coming in second, Berkner coming in third and Lake Highlands as the altnerate. Due to their first-place finish, Pearce, along with North Mesquite and Berkner, will advance to the Bi-District competition on April 1.

Claire and Jack made the All-Star cast, and senior Mallory Gill was awarded the outstanding tech award.

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