Coach Collins takes the reigns as new athletic director

collins.jpgCoach David Collins was hired as the Pearce athletic coordinator late June. He has many qualities that Pearce was looking in an athletic director.

Coach Collins has had to start his job quickly at Pearce and has tried to instill his coaching philosophies into the athletic program. He is putting his own spin on the athletic programs at Pearce and is just beginning to make his mark.

“Our plan is to put a structure together that we utilized in the past,” Coach Collins said. “As long as I’m here I want to have a support system for all programs.”

Coach Collins is tweaking the athletic program, but he is not coming to Pearce and trying to change the way things have been done. He is seeing how Pearce does things and is trying to find areas in which the athletic program can improve.

“First I will see where the programs are, observe them and then brainstorm with head coaches for improvements,” Coach Collins said.

Even though Coach Collins is not coming to the Pearce athletic programs seeking to change everything, he is trying to install a new system of doing things that stays compatible with how Pearce has done things in the past. However, he plans to create a system that will improve the way athletes practice and, he hopes, will enhance the way athletes compete.

Coach Collins has a long history in coaching and competing in sports. He competed in football, basketball, baseball and track throughout high school. He competed in football at the collegiate level and eventually moved on to coaching. He has been a part of the football coaching staff at Allen, Mabank, Garland and Lake Travis, but he recently was the head coach at Pine Tree High School .

Principal Mike Evans saw many qualities he liked in Coach Collins during the search for a new athletic director.

“He was very, very organized and really thought out a plan,” Mr. Evans said. “His biggest concern is to bring leadership within the students, not just the staff. Coach Collins wants to make opportunities for the students and not make it all about winning. He is experienced and highly recommended as an athletic director. Coach’s vision of the program matches mine.”

There was a reflector committee formed of students, teachers and parents. The committee stated the qualities that they wanted in an athletic director. Some of these qualities included being organized, being a leader and trying to push for more strength and conditioning.

“Coach Collins was the best fit for what the committee wanted,” Mr. Evans said.

Coach Collins has put an emphasis in the way Pearce’s facilities look. He strives to make the athletic facilities presentable and has already refurbished many of them.

“The weight room and the athletic hallway look great. Lots of changes are happening throughout the whole athletic program,” Cross Country Coach Lindsey Anderson said.

Coach Collins was hired in late June, while an athletic director is usually hired around February to have a better understanding of that school’s athletic programs before the football season starts. However, even though football season has started, Coach Collins is making it one of his to priorities to be there for all Pearce sports teams.

“I took the job late. Directors would usually come in February and establish themselves before football,” Coach Collins said. “I’m trying to be available to other teams and hope to be the support system that coaches need me to be.”

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