Stampede hosts back-to-school dance to raise funds

By Karina Navarro | Staff Writer

Pearce Stampede held their annual Howdy Dance in the cafeteria on Aug. 27. This year, Stampede brought new special attractions, like a dunk tank and obstacle course.

To try and bring in new students, Stampede rented an inflatable obstacle course and a dunk tank for the first time. The people who got dunked in the dunk tank were popular teachers like Coach Steven Anthony and Mrs. Heather Barajas. The teachers stayed in the tank for several dunkings each before they switched out.

“Mustang Stampede appreciates everyone who attended this year’s Howdy Dance, got a little sweaty and dunked some of their favorite teachers,” Stampede sponsor Mrs. Barajas said.

Principal Mike Evans took more control at the Howdy Dance by flicking on the lights when the crowd got too rowdy and by clearing out the cafeteria when the body heat made the floor and walls misty. At one point, the cafeteria was cleared so that the room could cool down. At others, the music was stopped so that the dancers could have a chance to calm down.

“Honestly, overall, the dance was fun. I respect what the teachers did when things got a little rowdy. I just wish they handled it better,” Stampede captain Eliza Kline said.

The point of the Howdy Dance was to raise money for Stampede’s traditional trip to San Antonio and Austin and for new uniforms. With around 500 students having attended the dance, they raised over $5,000. By raising this amount of money, Stampede is well on the way to meeting their goal.

“Stampede is a great part of my high school experience because it shows me teamwork and helped me to meet long lasting friends,” Stampede captain Rebecca Gentry said.

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