Student Government prepares for 2016-17 Homecoming

By Caleb Akpan | Opinion Editor


Seniors Julie Galarza, Sara Arteaga and Salma Pineda dress up for Martian Monday.

With Homecoming this week, students will be participating in events all leading up to the dance on Sept. 24 from 8:30 to 11:30. This year’s theme is James Bond, and Student Government has great plans to go along with it.

“We can expect a spy, 007 theme,” Student Government sponsor Elizabeth Delgado explained. “We’re staying away from the violence, obviously. We want to focus on the classy, cool side of James Bond. The Big Gym will have a red carpet and be draped with red and black stripes. The dance will also have a DJ on stage, and there is a website where students can request songs,”

Tradition is a huge part of life at Pearce. Pep rallies, football games and more carry their own different ceremonies, but they may be most important for homecoming. Last year, people were disappointed when the hallways were not decorated, but this year it seems like that tradition will be back for the most part.

“We’ll probably do some staircases and hallways, but we can’t do everything because it’s a fire hazard,” Student Government officer Erik Aranda said. “Each student organization is going to be able to choose a corner instead of a hallway,” Mrs. Delgado explained further. “We wanted to do something that promoted school spirit while still following fire code.”

Hallway decorations have been a huge part of the Pearce Homecoming tradition, so the hope is that students come out and decorate for their organizations. Hallway decorations were not the only things planned, though, and students will be happy to hear that the officers they elected had a big hand in the planning for the dance.

“The Student Government came up with all the ideas,” Mrs Delgado said. “Every officer was assigned a certain aspect of Homecoming, then the administration decided what could and could not happen. We wanted it to be safe, but also take into account what the students wanted for Homecoming.”

Included in the decisions the students made were what to do for the dress-up days this year. A couple of familiar themes have returned, but there are also a few new theme days.

“The dress-up days are Martian Monday, Team Tuesday, Would You Still Be Friends with me if I Dressed Like This Wednesday, Throwback Thursday, and Spirit Day on Friday,” Erik said. Monday’s theme has students dressing out of this world, Tuesday is for sports jerseys, Wednesday is for student’s craziest attire, Thursday is retro, and Friday continues a Pearce tradition as students wear school colors or their Homecoming shirts.

Safety was a big part of the dance planning this year. Hallway decorations were planned to avoid fire hazard. Student Government planning also had to follow safety guidelines, but there are also new safety procedures being introduced at the dance.

“We have a new substance test for any students suspected of being under the influence,” Mrs. Delgado said. “We want students to be safe, but we also want them to have fun.”

The hope is that the new substance test will not have to be used so that students can have fun at the dance, whether it is their fourth year going or their first time.

“I’m excited to go, actually, since I’ve decided to not go the past few years and I think it’ll be a lot of fun,” senior Misael Martinez said.

Misael is one of many seniors deciding to go to Homecoming after not going the last few years or never going at all. With the James Bond theme and the return of some hallway decorating, students are expecting a great Homecoming.

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