Homecoming dance channels James Bond

By Daniel Doan | Editor In Chief


Homecoming DJ pumps up crowd by getting them more involved.

The Homecoming Dance was held on Sept. 24 from 8:30-11:30 p.m. in the big gym. The theme this year was James Bond.

Since James Bond has many sides to his character, Student Government went with his cool gadget side because they wanted it to be school appropriate, yet still fun and exciting. The dance was decorated in black and white because those are signature James Bond colors. The dance was decorated by professional Noel Pearce who decorated the gym to his vision with the help of Student Government.

“Overall, the feedback I have received has been positive. We are very excited to take this experience and make it even better for next year,” Student Government sponsor Elizabeth Delgado said.

Toward the end of the dance, Homecoming honorees were announced for each grade level.The Homecoming court for the boys were freshman Count Jake Minigutti, sophomore Duke Joey Trachtenberg, junior Prince Jake Ruff and senior King Sean Mulvihill. The Homecoming court for the girls were freshman Countess Morgan Gomez, sophomore Duchess Abigail Lee, junior Princess Ruth Hazi, and senior Queen Lindsay Harmon.

“It was really fun and an honor,” Sean said.

This year, Student Government used the same DJ that did Prom last year because he was such a huge hit. During the dance, he hyped up the crowd and brought people on stage to dance and even rap. In addition, because of the all the positive feedback Mrs. Delgado got about him, he will be the DJ for Prom this year.

“He did a great job at Prom, so were were excited to have him at Homecoming,” Student Government president Madison Seagraves said.

The week after Homecoming, Student Government went over the feedback from the dance and came up with new ways to improve for next year, including making a song list for the DJ, having an announcement for girls to bring tennis shoes and other casual shoes along with their dress shoes so they wouldn’t have to be barefoot. The final thing they want is to make enough money so they can pay for Homecoming in full without worrying about a loan, that way Homecoming revenue will be all profit.

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