Robotics Club prepares for BEST competition

The Robotics club has been revamped and has high hopes in future competitions such as the BEST competition, which is held in November. The meetings are held in Room E105A, where students learn about technology and express their creativity while working with friends.

The Robotics Club has changed in many ways this year. This year the club has many more students who are actively involved in the club, with around 25 students at every meeting. The club also has also made more of an effort toward communication and teamwork. The club has designated time at the beginning of their meetings to talk about what members have accomplished and create an opportunity for students to add new ideas.

The Robotics Club is in “building” season, meaning they are now in the six-week period where they prepare for a competition. There are two six-week periods in which they prepare for major competitions, one in the fall where they prepare for the Boosting Engineering Science and Technology competition, and in the second semester where they prepare for the For Inspiration and Recognition of Science and Technology competition.

Although the club is in a busy state preparing for the BEST competition, they still encourage new students to join the club. The club is very willing to teach new students and show them the ropes.

“We assign each new recruit to a veteran member to help guide them,” junior Benny Reyna said.

The club also has mentors teach them a lot of the technological aspects of the club. There are five mentors, and most of the mentors are Pearce graduates who did robotics at Pearce.

“The mentors provide guidance and experience to help guide you along the right path,” junior Hongyi Zhang said.

The Robotics Club has a social environment. The students joke around with each other and seem as if they are hanging out at a friend’s house, not at school. The students work many hours, with club meetings Monday through Thursday from 4:30 to 8:30 p.m. during building season. The club does not ask members to go every hour of every meeting, but many of the students enjoy working long hours with their friends.

“It cumulates all my major interests between programing, engineering and being with people I am friends with,” junior Dhruv Goel said.

Right now the club is preparing for the BEST competition, which is held in November. For the competition, the club must create a robot that can help improve daily tasks on a farm in a certain amount of time. The club has already been given the required tasks, so they have an idea about how to create their robot as well as how to create a practice arena to test the robot in tasks that it must accomplish in the actual competition.

The club has goals of making the global competition this year. The global competition does not require them to win competitions to advance to the globals but requires that they pay to enter their robot. To raise this money, the club must win competitions such as the BEST and FIRST competitions, which award money to the winners.

Whether or not the club reaches the goal of advancing to globals, club members still get a lot out of the club educationally and socially.

“The club involves math, science, being creative, and being hands-on,” Hongyi said.

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