Freshmen get first taste of Homecoming

By Miriam Kotamarti | Staff Writer

Homecoming has recently passed, and there were many freshmen who were uncertain and didn’t want to go to Homecoming. Some freshmen unfamiliar with the annual event were left confused and nervous.

Homecoming is a series of events that occurs during one school week, usually in late September or early October. The week contains dress-up days, known as “Spirit Week,” and throughout the week the student body is encouraged to dress up according to the daily theme.

This year’s Homecoming had days like “Team Tuesday” and “Throwback Thursday.” “It’s mostly upperclassmen that go full-out, but a lot of freshmen and sophomores participate,” junior Erin Williams said.

Friday of Homecoming week is the big day. Students wear their mums and garters throughout the day and even at the game. People wear rival T-shirts and the school’s colors. There is a pep rally during the school day, which includes the entire student body going into the gym and watching spirit groups perform. The pep rally is a way to induce school spirit and encourage others to go to the game that night.

The Homecoming pep rally at Pearce this year had performances from the cast of the Heathers, a song from the pop singing group Forte, a skit from the Wranglers, and many more performances.

Many freshman had questions about Homecoming. Both Ava Greaney and Haven Graybill had questions about mums and garters.

Mums and garters are a tradition most commonly found in Texas. Boys give their date a personalized mum, and a girl presents her date with a personalized garter. A mum is a large floor-length corsage make up of artificial chrysanthemums that are the colors of the school. The mum contains personalized trinkets, bubble dispensers, bells, and many other decorations.

Garters are the same thing except for boys. Garters are much smaller and hang around the boy’s arm.

Most Texas high-schoolers complain about the cost. A mum can cost anywhere from $90-$200. Each high school usually has a mum store that opens during Homecoming season. The mum store has volunteering mothers who make the mums. All the money made from selling mums and garters goes to the school’s Booster Club.

The big Homecoming game is on the Friday before the dance. The Homecoming game is usually most-attended game during football season. Girls wear their mums and continue to wear their spirit wear. The game is often against a rival school. In Pearce’s case, the Homecoming game was against the Richardson Eagles.

Probably the most anticipated event of Homecoming is the actual Homecoming dance. It takes place the the next evening after the game. At Pearce, the dance is semi-formal. Girls usually wear shorter party dresses (similar to what is worn by guests at a wedding), and boys go with a nice suit.

The Homecoming dance for freshmen is special, because it’s the first dance where it’s traditional to ask a date. Boys traditionally make a sign with a pun and ask a girl they like.

Because there is an unbalanced ratio between girls and boys in this year’s freshman class, many girls haven’t been asked. Some girls have been nervous to go to the dance because they didn’t have a date.

“People are nervous all the time, but there’s no reason to be, and as long as you’re with friends it’ll be fun,” Erin said. Erin has been going to the Homecoming dances since she was a freshman and recommends going.

“If you’re not asked, then you should just talk to some friends in the same boat and go with them. It should be just as fun as going with a date, if not more,” Ava said.

Along with Ava and Erin, Haven also believes that going with friends is the best alternative. “The dance wouldn’t be any more special than if you went with friends, especially since I went as friends with my date,” Haven said.

Ava and Haven went into their first Homecoming dance expecting to have a fun time and hang out with friends. “I had a fun time with friends just like I thought I would,” Haven said.

“The dance was really fun, but to be honest, if you didn’t go, you really didn’t miss out,” Ava said.

Though Homecoming season has passed, It comes back every year, and many students recommend going at least once for the experience.

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