In a hotly contested election, the right to vote takes center stage

By Kate Martin | Staff Writer

There is a lot of passion and anger this election year. But on election day, who will vote? Some like Pearce senior Rachel Calame, are voting for the first time, but others, like experienced voter Christine Martin, have been voting for years.

Rachel said that she is voting because it will make her feel more involved in the government. Christine said that she is voting because she will have a say in American leadership.

“I’m nervous for the election because I don’t really support either candidate,” Rachel said.

Nervousness is expected from a first time voter, especially with such a tough decision. Just one vote can decide who the next president will be.

“I think it is my responsibility to execute my right to vote and express my desire for leadership that I believe is the candidate for president,” Christine said.

Every American citizen has the right to vote. It is a privilege. If people do not vote, they don’t have a say in America’s government or country leadership.

“I think Donald Trump is too aggressive, and Hillary Clinton is dishonest and neither one would lead our country well,” Rachel said.

Everyone has his own opinion. While Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump have their own cons, they also have their own pros.

“I believe that it’s time that we have leadership that has business experience that just might be able to actually change the direction of our government. I think that Donald Trump will be that type of president. I do not trust Hillary Clinton. She has had incidents that any ordinary person would pay severe penalties for. I don’t believe that she works on the behalf of all Americans,” Christine said.

Like Rachel, everyone has their own opinions. Some prefer Hillary Clinton, some prefer Donald Trump, some prefer neither. It’s all based on how Americans think, whether it be liberal or conservative. It seems as though the younger generation is more for Sec. Clinton, and the older generation is for Mr. Trump.

“When I vote, I am going to join the Republican Party,” Rachel said.

Political parties are a big deal, especially when it comes down to voting and who the people are voting for.

“I have enrolled in the Republican Party,” Christine said.

Likewise, the two identify with the same political party but have different views on the candidates; which makes this case even more interesting.

“I don’t have background information on the candidates yet,” Rachel said.

When voting, it is important to know basic information about the candidates. It helps people decide which candidate is best for them, and what they think is best for the country.

“I know Hillary Clinton has been associated with crime, lies, secrets and most recently been investigated while acting as our Secretary of State for her private emails, etcetera. I know that Donald Trump is a successful businessman who has built a big corporation. He knows how to create a team of professionals that are the best at their jobs. He is not only trying to help each middle-class American, but also trying to give incentives for companies to stay in the United States by making less regulation and more beneficial tax benefits. Corporations will not create jobs when taxes and regulations are not conducive to do so. And I also know that Donald Trump has experienced failure, which is important to succeed,” Christine said.

It is very important to have background information, especially in a campaign like this. It helps people discern between what is true and what is false. Sometimes the media can put rumours out that are not true, and a lot of times people believe them. It can either spark a flame of hate in them or fuel their passion for that person.

“Voting will give me the experience I need for future elections and voting for local representatives,” Rachel said.

Depending on the person, voting can either impact a person’s life greatly or the complete opposite. Some people feel that voting is a stepping stone into adulthood. Others feel neutral about the experience.

“At first I was just happy to be old enough to vote. Now I realize that if I do not vote, then I have no say in our leadership and have completely given up any right to complain,” Christine said.

Voting is an important right of any American. Some people tend to take it for granted. It gives the people a say in America’s leadership and government and makes people feel more involved with their government.

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