Varsity volleyball enjoys successful season

By Karina Navarro | Staff Writer


Pearce varsity volleyball going against Heritage Hight School.

The varsity volleyball team has put in a lot of work into this year’s season and have won 15 games so far this year. They had to be one of the top four teams to be able to go to district.

Pearce has supported the volleyball players though out the year to show them that that the students are with them no matter what. The volleyball coaches are very proud of all the hard work these ladies are putting into this season.

“Work hard every day and practice, and the coaches love you,” coach Jennifer Nance said.

Varsity volleyball players have persevered through weaknesses, but that didn’t stop them from playing. The coaches had to develop new strategies because both Lake Highlands and Richardson high schools have strong volleyball players. Also this year, Coppell High School is new in the district, so the volleyball coaches thought that they were going to be a bit of a challenge, but with their strengths they might just defeat them.

“We’ve had an unusual start with some losses early on, but we have a good chance to turn that around in the second half in district, and we will make a successful play-off run,” captain Brenna Holley said,

Depending on the team they’re playing and how they did in their past game, they change and practice different strategies. Some of last year’s varsity volleyball players came back to the team this year like senior Brenna Holley, juniors Taylor Henigsman and Jessica Mikulewicz, sophomore Anne Sullivan and more. However, some of Pearce’s freshman girls were interested in getting into the team, so there are about 20 new people on the team this year.

“This season has shown us a lot about our strengths and weaknesses because we are new to playing with each other, but it has also brought us together as a family, and there is no other group of girls that I would wake up at 5 a.m for,” captain Megan Helling said.

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