Mustang football has same record as last year but takes a step forward

By Barak Levy | Sports Editor

The varsity football team had their second below .500 percent win season. They have finished 3-7 the last two years. They kept more games close compared to last season, and the team was closer to a winning season than it appears on paper.


The team had close games that resulted in losses against McKinney, Jesuit and Lake Highlands. If a couple of plays had gone the team’s way, they could have earned a 6-4 season. Although the record still says 3-7, the fact that the team was able to compete and almost beat very competitive teams gives the team and the fans encouragement that the team can have successful seasons in years to come.

“Three or four plays is what it comes down to. Those few plays decided it,” Coach David Collins said.

Although the team did not win the majority of their games, they were very exciting to watch. There were many close games that the team won and lost, but no matter the outcome, the fans were always on the edge of their seats. Two out of three of the teams wins were overtime victories, and those games were some of the most exciting games fans have witnessed in recent years.

Another reason for the team’s excitement was its ability to score. Quarterback Gray Rodgers consistently had big games through the air and the ground, throwing for 2178 yards and running for 704 yards. Seniors like Gray led the team on the field and in the locker room. These seniors were a big part of the team, and the juniors will have to pick up these leadership roles going into next season.

“Gray and Stone Sawyer were some of the leaders this past season, and I expect Jack Davis and Ricky Gonzalez to pick up these leadership roles next season,” junior Clay Servin said.

To give the fans even more of hope of having successful seasons in the future, this was just Coach Collin’s first year as the Mustangs’ head coach, and the team spent a lot of this year adjusting to the new system.

The team is going into the offseason and is hoping the hard work they put in will translate to success next season. The coaches and the players expect the team to improve every day. The coaches hope that the little things the team does will result in large improvements in the upcoming seasons.

“We need to do everything with the mindset of getting to our long term goals,” Coach Collins said. “Its not about the drills, it’s about the choices we make to get one step closer to our long-term goals.”

The J.V football team, led by sophomore Bo Brewer, went 6-4 this past season. The J.V team, especially the sophomores, have created a good team around them the past two years and hope that their move up to varsity next season will help bring the team to the playoffs.

“The sophomores this past year have always had good football teams. We fell a little short this year, but we still realized that the powerhouse schools in our district can be beaten,” sophomore J.D Lee said.

The new coaching staff led by Coach Collins did not bring a winning season their first year. However they brought a winning mindset to the team and made the team believe they will be successful in years to come. This one season does not define the Pearce football program, but the bond that is forming between the players and coaches, along with the new mentality of the team, could create many winning seasons in the future.

“The new coaches brought professionalism with them and are showing us how to build a championship culture,” Clay said.

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