Club sports have advantages over school sports

By Jair Vicente | Staff Writer

High school students who want to play sports have two basic choices. Some people say club sports is the better options, but others say school-sponsored sports are the way to go. A individual’s choice may depend on the benefits he sees from each.

Katie Hoang is a ninth grade swimmer at Pearce who talks about the difference between both school and club sports. “I have an odd feeling that club sports give me more time to work on practice skills and hold my breath deeper under water. Also, I feel that swimming takes more than two hours a day to get better at it and help me swim faster,” Katie said.

“My best opinion to say is that you should go for a club sport, but if you decide that you are better off playing for school, you stick to what you do then,” Katie said. “But I feel like a club sport will give you a higher chance to be given a scholarship from a school to be part of their college. My best option is to join the sport you want whether its a club or school sport, but to be able to play the sport.”

Juan Rojas, also a ninth grader, has a thought about some advantages of these sports in both categories. “I play for the school soccer club, and I think that it helps me focus more on the sport and also gives me time to work together with teammates to develop a great relationship with everyone on the team,” he said.

Taylor Woods is a ninth grade football player from Dallas. “I believe that people should join club sports because it is a great time to work out and get better at techniques and get to know more about the sport,” he said. “Also, school sports don’t give you enough time to do workouts due to the time limit. I have been on my club team since I wss about five years old, and they expect a lot from us because my coach says that the better team is the team that always goes through the pain.”

“My thought about which one is better is club, because obviously it makes you get better and better, and the other reason is that it gives you a better chance to get a scholarship from any college that wants you to play with them,” Taylor added.

All three agree that club sports is better. Each one has a good reason to back up their opinion and all of them play club sports as well. There is nothing wrong with school sports. Not everyone plays club sports. All athletes have to make their own decisions.

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