Dress Code

By Jessica Castañon | Staff Writer

Many students are not following the dress code provided in Pearce High School. Some are concerned about this because they are obligated by their parents to follow the dress code. But when they arrive at school, they see boys and girls dressed inappropriately, walking past teachers and principals and not getting confronted for dress code violations.

“Certain people can wear what they want and others can hardly wear anything,” said Miguel Rosas, a Pearce student. “When I see a case like this, I’m like, ‘Oh they can wear what they want and I can hardly wear something without getting told to change’.”

Many students want parts of the dress code to be changed because some have the feeling that it is not being applied fairly. “I would like to change a bit – change the policies and enforce them on everyone,” Miguel said. “No student should be allowed to wear something that others can’t wear.”

Some students also feel like enforcement is stricter with girls. Furthermore, students say they have complained to principals that non-white girls get more criticism for what they wear than white girls. “Teachers should get students to wear long sleeve shirts if they are girls, because what some Hispanics think is that the teachers don’t say anything to other girls because of their race,” said Denise Rodriguez, a Pearce student.

“I think students should get detention if they don’t wear the appropriate clothes, because getting dress coded isn’t really a punishment. Students just get sent down to the office and change their clothes,” Denise said.

Some students, mostly girls, feel like the dress code is not being applied to everyone. “Most of the time, the dress code isn’t enforced fairly throughout the different races in school,” said Maria Carlos, a Pearce freshman.

Some Hispanic girls claim that the dress code is only enforced with certain races. “I feel as if sometimes some white girls aren’t told anything but then all of a sudden they see a Latina girl wearing the same thing and is told to change into something more appropriate,” Maria said.

Pearce High School’s dress code enforcement is making some students believe that their race will determine if they should follow the dress code or not. “I would want to make it fair and possible for students to wear whatever they want without being judged by their races,” Maria said.

“We, as students, go to school to learn, not to put a fashion show or anything like that. In my opinion it might impact someone’s daily life, but then it wouldn’t since what matters most is what is in the inside,” Maria said. “Students should have the freedom to wear the clothing they want without worrying if they will get sent down.”

If Pearce High School sets a dress code, teachers and principals should work together to enforce the rules fairly and equally all over the campus. Otherwise, dress code rules will not function and clothing will be out of control.

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