End-of-year stress affects teachers as well as students

By Zoey Servin | Staff Writer

Students deal with stress at school on a day-to-day basis, but the stress seems to overwhelm students more at the end of the year. Stress can come from upcoming exams, end-of-the-year grades or homework.

“I believe there is more stress due to the fact that exams are coming up. I also think that grades finalizing can be stressful for those who are relying on end-of-the-year grades to help them pass,” senior Jennifer DelaGarza said.

All the stress over test grades, homework grades and even simple participation grades can gather at the end of the year where they seem most important. All these grades at the end of the year can determine students’ futures, They determine where they end up at the end of the year, as in class rank, and even if they’re able to go on to the next grade level.

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration declared stress a hazard of the workplace. A 2016 WebMD article, “The Effects of Stress on Your Body,” suggest that stress can cause many health problems. “Stress can play a part in problems such as headaches, high blood pressure, heart problems, diabetes, skin conditions, asthma, arthritis, depression, and anxiety,” the report stated.

“One of the best stress relievers is to go for a walk and just listen to some peaceful music,” Jennifer said.

The best stress relief is to take it slow, maybe take a mental health day off of school. If a student is in school and the stress starts to overwhelm, the school’s crisis counselor is always available. If students feel uncomfortable visiting the crisis counselor, they could take deep breaths and maybe talk to someone the student knows and trusts.

Sometimes the stress can be so much students have thoughts of even just dropping out.

“I definitely think that stress can cause a student to drop out,” freshman Bailey Booth said.

Even though dropping out is an extreme solution, it is an actual thought that runs through almost every student’s mind at one point. Stress makes people feel so overwhelmed they just want to completely give up on everything.

Imagine students who studying all night and all morning for a test, and they feel so confident when they take it, but then the next day they get their test back and see that they didn’t do so well, even after all that hard work. A moment like that can be soul crushing to any student. It can drive them to thoughts such as dropping out.

“I think both teachers and students deal with stress. However, I don’t feel that the type of stress is the same,” Bailey said.

Both teachers and students alike deal with stress. Students have worksheets, homework papers and essays. Teachers grade all these papers and have to do so in a small window of time, leaving little time for fun outside of school for both students and teachers.

“Stress coming from teachers can affect their students. The students can sense it,” junior Andrienne McGregor said.

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