Basketball team believes they can rebound from disappointing season

By Barak Levy | Sports Editor

The basketball team had a losing season that ended in February. However the team played in many close games and was closer to making the playoffs than their record shows.

The team had 10 wins and 18 losses this season. They played in many close games and many of those games were decided by a few possessions. The coaches and players feel like they were competitive this year and could have won many more games than they did.

“Eight out of 10 district games were decided by fewer than three possessions,” Coach Scott Reid said. “In those games there were critical points where we could not make a play, but we were right there in all of the games.”

The team feels like they could have made the playoffs with the team they had this past season. They will have another chance to prove their team is capable of a playoff run because the majority of the team will return next season.

“We have three starters coming back next year, and we are a super young but talented team, so next year we will have a lot more experience which will help us in close game situations,” junior Brayden Brown said.

One of the reasons for the team’s disappointing record was its schedule. The team played against many tough opponents and believe they had one of the hardest schedules around. However, team members hope that playing so many tough opponents will help them to grow and will help them thrive on those critical points in games that kept them out of the playoffs.

“We had one of the toughest schedules of any team in Texas, so we definitely grew a lot in learning how to play in big game situations,” Brayden said.

The coaches felt like the team improved a lot throughout the season. They believe that through each game the team came more and more together. The coaches agree that the team got a lot out of the season and will come back even stronger next season.

“We improved on our team chemistry, our basketball IQ and on our defense,” Coach Reid said. “Even though we missed a lot of opportunities, we feel we learned from them and can make the changes to get the job done next year.”

The team is determined to make the playoffs next season, and with most of the team returning, they believe they have the players to do just that.

“We are hungry for the playoffs, and this season was a good leaning experience for us,” sophomore Drew Timme said.

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