Extracurriculars offer lifelong benefits to those who choose wisely

By Kameron Holloway | Staff Writer

Students spend a lot of extra time doing extracurriculars at Pearce, but sometimes they don’t ask themselves if they really enjoy what they do and if it really helps them. These extra activities could be hurting them in school without their realizing it.

Some students do not get their time fufiled during their day at school. When the students spend too much time at school, they do not have time to prioritize what is really important in their life.

People need to start to plan with a purpose, meaning that they need to take a step back and think about what they want. Then, after they determine what they really want, they should plan accordingly.

“Planning with a purpose gets me where I want to be at the end of every day,” senior Ben Bratcher said.

In and out of season students spend a lot of time doing extracurricular activities. Some of these activities look good on college resumes and benefit their academic career, but some extracurriculars like sports are not considered by some to have same the benefit, and some students think they do not give them any help going to college and in their future life.

Some people feel the opposite. They think that playing sports is the best thing that they could do for themselves in life.

“In sports it may not be about how good it looks on a college resume or how it helps you in school. You take the life lessons that you learn along the way that you learn,” senior Kaden Hollowell said. He and many others felt like what they did with their extra time helped them with getting through their daily lives.

All of them thought that they had enough time to do whatever they wanted to do. “I can pretty much do anything I want to. The only thing that holds me back is getting a little extra sleep and a little more study time,” junior Nick Davis said.

Everyone said that extracurriculars help, and their benefits exceed the time it takes to do them. They would all go back to their freshman year if they could and complete the same process and spend all that time in them.

“I would take that opportunity in a heartbeat. I have learned so much from what i have experienced,” Ben said. They all said that looking back they really enjoy their extracurriculars and would have never thought about dropping it from their lives.

Extracurriculars are truly good for the student. They help in their daily lives. Students who participate in extracurriculars take lessons with them that will last them a lifetime. Even though they require a lot of time, students say that as long as they plan with a purpose and really know what they want, they will succeed wherever they go in life.

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