Seniors wrestle with college choices

By Caleb Akpan | Opinion Editor

As the semester continues, senior students are beginning to make decisions about which university they will attend next year in the fall, if they have not done so already. With students going in different directions after high school, there are also different factors that go into them making their decisions.

“Distance from home and scholarship amounts are the most important factors for me,” senior Domingo Belman said.

Both of those concerns are common among the senior class, especially scholarship amounts. Every student would like to pay as little money as possible, while people’s distance from home preference varies. Some would like to be closer to their families, while others attempt to get as far away as possible.

“The most important things for me are the programs the school offers and the cost of those programs and how they can help me graduate with my major,” senior Misael Martinez said. “Affordability is something I keep in mind, but I also don’t want to sacrifice my education to save money as well.”

Students are not alone in making their decisions. Most are assisted by family and friends, and there are a variety of resources that can help students locally and online, including Pearce’s own College and Career Center, which offered advice to the seniors mulling over their options.

“I would make a list of the pros and cons of each school you’ve been accepted to,” College and Career Center director Kathy Noland said. “Being accepted to different schools is great, but it can also be very overwhelming. The most important thing is to be honest with yourself when you make the decision. Students should talk with their families and make sure they are making a good decision with them as well.”

Mrs. Noland usually sees the common factors of financial aid, location, and academic programs taken into account when students make their decisions. The cost of attendance is usually the biggest issue, along with the academic program of the major a student is pursuing.

Time is still available for most students to make their admissions decisions. Most have a lot to think about, with varying factors coming into play depending on a person’s situation. With resources available all over, students should be able to make informed decisions that will help them move further on their educational paths.

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