Track team overcoming hurdles in preparation for season

By Barak Levy | Sports Editor

The track team is now starting up their season after a long preseason of preparation. The team is being run by an almost completely new coaching staff in hopes that they can take it to the next level.

The team had their first meet, which was a practice meet against Richardson High School, on Feb. 8. The team went into the meet not sure who would do what event throughout the season. They used the meet to evaluate the skill level of the athletes and to see what event each individual athlete would compete in.

“The practice meet was a confidence booster because we placed well and it showed us where we stand,” distance coach Lindsay Ledford said.

The preseason for track started earlier this season compared to previous years. The team starting optional workouts right after Thanksgiving break, though the team usually does not start practicing until the beginning of the second semester. The coaching staff made this decision to focus more on the basics at the beginning of the year so that the team could start off strong after winter break.

“Because we have more coaches now, we were able to start preseason early, which allowed us to focus more on form,” Coach Ledford said.

The coaching staff has changed, but the atmosphere around the track team has stayed the same. The team is still a very close group that helps to push their teammates every practice.

“I’m with the people I love. My fellow peers push me to my limits,” senior Drew Ramos said.

Track is a team sport in terms of scoring in meets and the entire team placing. However, every athlete on the track team has his or her own goals that push them to better themselves every day.

“I enjoy track because it challenges me physically and mentally,” junior Mauricio Santamaria said, “My goals for this season are to break 12 minutes in the two-mile race and to break 5:30 in the mile race.”

Track is a sport that has its ups and downs throughout its long season. The athletes have to push themselves to their limits and get through hard practices to achieve their season goals.

“The worst part about track is the conditioning, but at the same time I appreciate it because it helps me to improve,” junior Alexander King said.

Track is a long season that goes through the middle of May for athletes who qualify for the state competition. The team has lots of meets leading up to the district meet and they hope to get better each week so they can hit their peek during districts.

“My expectations for the team are for every athlete to improve, to have athletes place within our district, and for our younger athletes to start to develop the skills to succeed in track,” Coach Ledford said.

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