Month: March 2017

1-to-1 program expands technology usage across district

Next year, Pearce will follow other high schools and middle schools in the DFW area as they adopt the 1-to-1 program, which offers a laptop to every student at no cost for the school year.

‘Logan’ puts a new spin on superhero movies

Hugh Jackman portrays Wolverine in the best way yet as he puts more emotion into the character than ever before. This is a new Wolverine with a old heart and will captivate audiences worldwide.

Varsity softball season picks up speed

Though the varsity softball team didn’t do so well at their scrimmages, they learned from their mistakes and went on to win both their tournaments and their first district game against Richardson. In their annual Kaitlin Seidel tournament, they won the first four games and only tied the fifth because they ran out of time.