‘Lego Batman Movie’ is a family-friendly take on the Dark Knight

By Barak Levy | Sports Editor

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Chris McKay, director of the Oscar-nominated Lego Movie is back with his new creation, Lego Batman. The movie opened in theaters Feb. 10 and led the box office on Valentine’s Day weekend with $55.6 million.

With a star-filled cast led by Will Arnett, Michael Cera and Zach Galifanakis, The Lego Batman Movie is a movie that both kids and adults will want to see. Similar to the Pixar studio concept, the Lego movie franchise has brought story lines and characters that appeal to young audiences but has jokes that go over the heads of the kids and appeal strictly to older audiences.

The Lego Movie has a very poor story line but keeps the audience entertained throughout the entire film by making fun of one of the most popular superheroes, Batman. Audience members do not need to know a lot about Batman to see the movie, but at the same time the audience has to appreciate the mockery of the gloomy character to enjoy the movie.

Lego Batman is repetitive and very predictable, however, the movie attempts to be predictable by poking fun at superhero movies. Lego Batman goes into the ego and loneliness of Batman and turns the serious Dark Knight into a humorous character that shows human characteristics. Lego Batman mocks the relationship between hero and villain and puts a humorous view on a superhero’s life when he is not saving the day.

Lego Batman is constantly cracking jokes by making fun of superhero movies, and superhero fans will most likely get a good laugh out of the satire present in movie. However for the younger viewers, who most people would assume are the targeted audience, a lot of the plot and action does not make sense but is used to boost the humorous character. This is fine for the adult buying the ticket, but Lego Batman most likely fails to appeal to the targeted audience, and the only reason kids would appreciate the movie is because it has Batman.

The Lego Batman Movie finds every way to make fun of the most popular movies in cinema, superhero movies. It makes fun of the seriousness and obviousness of the plot and puts a fun spin on usually serious characters. The Lego Movie takes the characters people have grown up watching and adds humor to their usually dry roles.

The movie is still a great movie for families because it has aspects that will appeal to everyone. Even those who are not Batman fans will laugh throughout the film. The Lego franchise has once again created a movie that appeals to youth while not torturing the people taking their children to the movies.

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