‘Logan’ puts a new spin on superhero movies

Hugh Jackman has played his best and last performance as the Wolverine in Logan. The movie arrived in theaters March 3, and it showed one of the world’s favorite superheroes in an entirely new light.

Logan takes place in 2027 which is 21 years after the furthest part of the X-Men timeline, which was in 2006 in X Men: The Last Stand. After the last five X-Men movies, starting with the original trilogy, Logan has jumped into the future showing us a completely new Wolverine.

Wolverine, who can self-heal and ages at a very slow rate, is now a decrepit and weakening old man. The once cage-fighter is now hesitant to fight and is one of the last mutants left standing. Wolverine is no longer the arrogant hero who believes he can do anything, but he is a weary man who has set limitations on himself.

After 17 years of perfecting the role of Wolverine, Hugh Jackman has played the character better than ever before. Jackman portrays Wolverine with more emotion than ever before and has expanded on the character by showing his pain and longing. Logan takes some of the meaningless action from typical Marvel movies and has replaced it with strong dialogue and powerful acting. Logan does not feel like a typical action movie but a drama that has spurts of intense action.

Logan is not a family-friendly movie and deserves its R rating. It has this rating because of its language and gore during its few but very intense fighting scenes. It contains humor, but for the most part is a very serious film. Logan is a movie that requires you to pay attention to the dialogue, unlike many of the recent superhero movies that rely almost entirely on the fight scenes.

Logan is a breath of fresh air from the repetitive nature of the recent X-Men prequels. It takes two of the most popular characters, Professor X and Wolverine, from the original movies and shows them in their times of most grief and agony. It is an interesting and new approach to superheroes because it shows their more human side. Who were once thought to be invincible are now struggling in the tasks of daily life in this new film.

Logan is a very sad and somewhat slow movie, but it has multiple moments of inspiration and heroics that will keep viewers on the edge of their seats. Though it is a nontraditional superhero movie, its scenes are very exciting and very violent. There just aren’t as many, and the film does not revolve around them. Logan shows the Wolverine fans have come to love and shows elements of the character that have stayed the same and as well as changes.

Wolverine is worth the price of admission and will have movie-goers wanting more Wolverine the second the movie is over. Marvel once again created a great X-Men that not only shines a new light on old characters but brings part of the original X-Men trilogy back to the big screen.

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