RISD 1:1 program prepares students for their futures

By Barak Levy | Editor in Chief

RISD has implemented the “1:1” program, providing every student from seventh through 12th grades a laptop. Pearce students received their Google Chromebook laptops on Aug. 24, and the district hopes that this tool will better prepare their students for the future.

RISD asked the citizens of Richardson to approve the purchase of Chromebooks a couple of years ago. They voted “yes” to implementing Chromebooks in the RISD junior high and high schools. The district issued a $5.2 million dollar bond that assured every student would receive a Chromebooks . RISD and the community of Richardson supported this program because of the dependance on technology in the work force.

“We realized that this generation is technologically based and that in every career students will need to utilize technology,” Pearce Principle Mike Evans said. “This program is going to help this generation prepare for their futures.”

Junior high schools experimented with the 1:1 program last year. The district learned multiple things, such as the importance in improving the wifi in the schools. Pearce also has a student technical support team to help ease the transition to having a technological component in every class.

“This program is going to improve our district. It’s going to take time to get used to the Chromebooks, but they are a great learning tool that we have been able to give our students,” Librarian Ashley Osborn said.

The student support team is going to help teachers with the Chromebooks during the second semester. The students are going to be available in classes to help teachers, will be stationed at a help desk, and will go to teachers’ classes when needed. During the first semester the students study 13 units and take an exam to become Google level-one certified. This will make sure that the students are ready to help teachers and students second semester.

It is hoped that going 1:1 will allow teachers to better teach their students. There are many different types of students with different needs, and Pearce hopes that by providing laptops in school more students will be able to learn in a way that fits them most, such as having more visual learning opportunities.

“The 1:1 program will help students and teachers by creating more engaging ways for teachers to deliver lessons,” Technological Support Head Ashton Tilly said. “This opens the window for teachers to help different students in different ways.”

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