Pearce shows confidence in its athletes by improving athletic facilities

By Barak Levy | Editor in Chief

J.J. Pearce High School has completed remodels of several of the school’s athletic facilities and plans to make more improvements in the immediate future. Pearce remodeled its weight room and football field over the summer to improve their athletic facilities in hopes of enhancing the school’s athletic programs.

Pearce’s football field finished its remodel on Sept. 12 after construction all summer. It took a lot of time, effort and money for this project to be completed. However, by investing so much in the school’s athletic program, Pearce is showing their athletes that they believe in them. Pearce is not only putting money into a new field and weight room but is investing in their athletes.

“The biggest reason for these remodels is to take pride in our program. When kids see that people are investing in them, it drives them to invest more in their athletic program and in their efforts to be competitive,” Coach David Collins said.

Pearce is also creating a Wall of Honor in the athletic hall. It is going to recognize Pearce athletes’ honors and accomplishments in every sport. As the year goes on and more sports finish their seasons, more honors will go up on the wall. This way students can see which of the school’s athletes were All-District, All-Region and All-State, along with additional honors and awards. The Wall of Honor will recognize the hard work of athletes and show other athletes what to strive for.

“The Wall of Honor is going to recognize the students that excel, set expectations for the rest of our athletic program and show off the students who work hard and are successful,” Principal Michael Evans said.

The weight room has been revamped to improve the strength and conditioning programs at Pearce. By having an improved weight room, the school hopes that their athletic programs will be able to have better practices and that more Pearce students will be able to better utilize the weight room.

“The new weight room is great,” senior Alexander “Fuzzy” King said. “The cages are brand new and a major upgrade from the old ones. The atmosphere in the weight room has changed from getting this new equipment.”

Pearce has put a lot of effort into improving their athletic program over the summer and more improvements are still to come. The district is putting in multipurpose indoor activity centers at all four of the RISD high schools. This project will start construction in May 2018 and will finish construction in July 2019. This activity center is going to have an indoor football field and a new weight room. It is intended to provide more facilities for the school’s athletes and to give students a place to train even during days with bad weather. Pearce and the district are trying to improve the athletic facilities at Pearce because they believe that there is a correlation between the facilities that athletes train in and their success on game day.

“Good facilities are vital to a good athletic program,” Coach Collins said. “The facilities are where you train and prepare. You have success on game day based on how you prepare, so they are absolutely essential.”

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