Volleyball coach discovers teaching as a way to continue in her favorite sport

By Ava Burns | Staff Writer

MC Salas, a teacher and volleyball coach at Pearce, was a volleyball player throughout high school and college. She discovered that teaching was a way she could stay involved in volleyball past college.

Coach Salas started to play volleyball at the end of eighth grade. She played all four years of high school, along with playing basketball, track and varsity golf.

“I feel that basketball and track helped me a lot in volleyball, because basketball had some of the same movements and track helped a lot with the conditioning,” Coach Salas said.

Playing outside of school was one of the ways Coach Salas was able to improve. “Like most high school volleyball players, I did play club,” Coach Salas said. “I played at Texas Assault when I was 15 and Skyline Juniors my 16th through 18th years.”

Coach Salas played college volleyball for all four years at Stephen F Austin. The driving factors that led her to play for SFA were the campus, the coaching staff and the dorm. They also offered her a full-ride scholarship.

Debbie Humphrey was her coach and had very nice things to say about her freshman year. “MC’s been dependable, even though you expect freshmen to be very up and down, but she’s been consistent,” Coach Humphreys said. “You know what you are going to get from her every day, not just on the court but with her personality. That kind of player is going to grow tremendously by the time she is a senior, and it was scary to think of what she was going to accomplish by the time her career came to an end three years from then.”

When first going into SFA, Coach Salas studied nursing then decided it wasn’t for her. “After my first chem class my sophomore year, I decided nursing wasn’t for me,” Coach Salas said. This was around the same time she decided volleyball was something she wanted to do after college, and teaching was her way to do this.

“By far, my favorite parts of college volleyball were my teammates and the competition,” Coach Salas said.

Coach Salas taught and coached volleyball and basketball at Lake Dallas High School for one year. “I decided to come to Pearce because of how close it was to home. The volleyball program was more established, and here I only have to coach one sport, which is volleyball,” Coach Salas said.

Coach Salas has gone back to Skyline Juniors and has coached there for the past six year, winning the 16’s AAU nationals, bronze in 15’s open nationals, and eight open qualifiers.

From eighth grade until now, Coach Salas has been playing volleyball. She said she enjoys the place she is at right now.

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