Algebra teacher learns from her struggles

By Miguel Rosas | Staff Writer

For Ms. Julia Pinto, obstacles were only there to get in her wayAlgebra teacher . Though they stop others, they motivated Mrs. Pinto they motivate her. At Pearce High School she is an algebra teacher.

“Finding my path wasn’t the easiest. It was a more complicated process and, to be honest, I am still trying to decide what to do,” Mrs. Pinto said.

The thing she remembers most from her childhood is reading on the floor for hours. “I love to read. It would transport me to a different world and help me get through whatever struggle it was,” she said.

Much like many people, she said she overworked herself through most of her teen years. “I wish that I took more time with my years after high school and after college to rest and not overwork myself,” Mrs. Pinto said.

When it comes to life experiences, her childhood consisted of lots of reading, playing with siblings and enduring summer heat. She would often get into trouble but learned that good status alone can’t protect a person from very real struggles.

Young and beautiful, she suffered from bullying in middle school, suicidal thoughts in high school and an eating disorder in college. It was in these times that she realized that this was a personal battle that only she could find the power in her to overcome.

Mrs. Pinto is a strong believer in faith, and she believes that everything happens for a reason. SHe said she keeps in mind that progress is progress, even if it is little by little. Everything counts when trying to reach a goal. Even now, she said she regrets making things personal and taking them to heart.

“Anything is possible if you put your mind to it, and it doesn’t matter what others think,” Mrs. Pinto said. “As long as you are happy with what you are doing, you’ll go far.”

Mrs. Pinto has experiences and memories that she won’t forget and let go, like the time that she saw her nieces. “I will never forget that because it was the first ever time that I saw themm in 21 years,” she said.

She found a hobby in cooking. “I really like to cook, mostly because I get to try out new techniques and experiences,” she said.

One thing is certain. Your heart and your mind will lead you in the right direction. Just ask Mrs. Pinto.

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