Freshmen go to All-Region for their first time as a high school student

By Natalie Nation | Staff Writer

Freshmen band members attended their first high school all region on Nov. 11. Many band members are now preparing for high school all region, where they will compete against upperclassmen.

“First high school region I felt nervous,” said Caroline Lai, who plays the flute.

“I was most nervous about not playing to my full potential and not sounding as good as I did when I had practiced,” fellow flute player Veronica Minney said.

“I was very nervous about messing up and being the only Pearce kid in my room,” said Sofia, who is in percussion.

However, some found the experience to be a new and good experience.

“It was a new experience,” Sofia said. “My first high school region was a pretty good experience,” Veronica said.

Members who were in band in both junior high and high school felt there wasn’t much of a difference between junior high and high school region, only that freshmen only had one phase. Some freshmen will be competing in high school all-region with people from higher grades.

“Personally, I felt that freshmen region was very similar to junior high region. I felt well prepared and confident in both situations, and I placed well in both competitions. I expect high school region to be much harder, however, as I will be competing against upperclassmen,” Veronica said. “I felt that I did well in freshman region, but they weren’t the same because freshman only had one phase,” she said.

“Junior high versus high school, high school is more nerve wracking,” Caroline said.

In the end some members found all region to be a good experience. “Overall they were both good experiences,” Veronica said.

In the end 25 freshmen made the Freshman Region Band. Four freshmen from Pearce made first chair.

Musicians who made all-region are:

  • Tiffany Fang – Flute
  • Caroline Lai – Flute
  • Veronica Minney – Flute (1st chair)
  • Loane Nguyen – Flute
  • Amanda Saving – Oboe (1st chair)
  • Erin Hindman – Bassoon
  • Taylor Trevino – Clarinet
  • Sara Elbedeiwy – Bass Clarinet
  • Caitlyn Bogart – Alto Saxophone
  • Stephen Phillips – Baritone Saxophone
  • Nick Alvarado – Trumpet
  • Austin Casillas – Trumpet (1st chair)
  • Cole Follett – Trumpet
  • Blake Nichols – Trumpet
  • Patrick Pham – Trumpet
  • Holly Shepperd – Trumpet
  • Marissa Day – Horn
  • Dong Jung – Horn
  • Nick Strong – Tenor Trombone
  • Julia Lindgren – Bass Trombone (1st chair)
  • Keaton Gregg – Bass Trombone
  • Morgan Miller – Euphonium
  • Luke Anderson – Tuba
  • Eliza Barnett – Tuba
  • Asher Lurie – Percussion

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