Winter Guard prepares for upcoming season

By Grace Thompson | Staff Writer

Now that the marching band season is over, the Pearce Winter Guard is starting to prepare for their 2017-18 show titled “The Devil went down to Georgia.”

Under the direction of Mike Hernandez, the Winter Guard will be led through the performance for UIL competitions. The routine is accompanied by the rock song of the same name by Primus.

“I want the girls to take risks and get out of their comfort zone,” Mr. Hernandez said. “When you have a comfort zone you start making excuses.”

Last year the Winter Guard performed a show named “Cupid’s Overture” that was centered around a batch of cherubs getting ready for Valentine’s Day. That show did very well and the guard went up a division. “The choreo was not easy,” said sophomore Kate Martin, who was in the show last year. “The costumes and the music were the things that happened to bring it life, just like even the tiniest detail in the show.”

At every practice the guard pushes themselves to be the best they can be. “Each practice is sweaty,” Kate said. “Every practice I find myself having to push myself more and more.”

“The rehearsals were very vigilant,” sophomore Jillian Prigmore said. “There is always a certain goal that Mr. H. sets up that we have to reach.” With each practice the guard gets better and better and moves closer to the first competition date. “It’s a really close-knit family, and I love all of them,” Jillian said. “Life would be pretty dull without guard.”

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