Varsity football team wins big victory at Homecoming game

By Erin Hindman | Features Editor

Pearce’s football team achieved a victory at this year’s Homecoming game–a welcome success after last year’s loss.

The Homecoming game, which took place on Friday, Sept. 28, resulted in a big win for the football team, with the final score 56-14. The team competed against Moises E. Molina High School, located about half an hour away from Pearce.

Though the Homecoming game fostered a mammoth turnout of parents, students, faculty and alumni for Pearce, only a few supporters came to support Molina.

During the pre-game, the Mighty Mustang Band performed their 2018 show, titled “Elysium,” an emotional journey through a futuristic city. The band also flaunted brand-new yellow-and-black uniforms and a small army of moving props, though they changed back into their traditional uniforms in Pearce colors after marching. Other pre-game events included announcements of Homecoming royalty.

Shortly before kickoff, the game was stalled by technical difficulties–specifically the fact that the lights had shorted out, leaving the field in the dark. However, and much to both students’ pleasure, the lights eventually turned back on, allowing the game to continue only a few minutes behind schedule.

Though Pearce didn’t win at Homecoming 2017, it was apparent within the first quarter that the team was determined to rack up a victory. By the time the second quarter began, Molina had not scored at all, and Pearce was winning 21-0. Early into the second quarter, Pearce racked up yet another seven points, bringing the score to 28-0.

Though it was comforting to have the confidence that Pearce was almost certainly going to bring home a big win, some students found that the easy success made the game feel uneventful and dull to watch.

By the end of the second quarter, Molina had still not scored any points and Pearce was far ahead. Both teams left the field and Homecoming halftime shows began.

Molina’s organizations, their marching band, and drill team, the Rosettes, both performed, while Pearce presented its Pacesetters in their traditional horseshoe routine set to The Wild, Wild West performed by the Mighty Mustang Band. Halftime also featured performances by the drumline and MOB, performance groups which are both branches of the band.

During the third quarter, the Molina Jaguars secured their first couple of points, but there was still little hope of the team making any sort of a substantial comeback. Pearce, in stark contrast, was doing exceptionally well.

By the end of the game, Molina had scored an additional seven points, but it was difficult to dispute that Pearce had anything but brutally defeated their team. At Saturday’s dance, students and players alike could celebrate Pearce’s Homecoming victory.

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