Pearce library undergoes a major renovation this year

By Seth Cano | Editor in Chief

This school year marks another new beginning for the library at Pearce.

Last summer, the district started remodeling the library to make it more comfortable and efficient for 21st-century learning.

The funding for the construction of the library came from a school district bond package approved by voters.

A bond consists of construction projects to be voted on by the public, and a new library at Pearce was one of the projects to have been voted on.

Ashleigh Osborne, Library and Information Technology Educator, believes the majority of students enjoy the new library.

“I think they are all pretty excited. I’ve heard pretty positive comments. People are saying it has more of a collegiate feel,” Ms. Osborne said.

“I think it needed a fresh feel to match our current needs in classes and give it a more 21st-century atmosphere,” Ms. Osborne added.

Eventually, the renovation will include a coffee bar. “The coffee bar will be a huge benefit to the campus,” Ms. Osborne said.

“The coffee bar will be open for students beginning in spring 2019,” Ms. Osborne added.

“I hope they will be more collaborative and use the collaboration rooms for group projects. I really hope the students just enjoy the space,” Ms. Osborne said.

Ms. Osborne thinks the new library will benefit students.

“I think it will benefit in the way students will feel like they have more freedom and responsibility,” Ms. Osborne said.

The best times to come to the new library are either in the morning, during lunch, or after school.

“No pass is needed for after school or during lunch,” Ms. Osborne said.

“The plan is for the coffee bar to be open before school till advisory,” said Katie Koshkin, who teaches Marketing and sponsors the Distributive Education Clubs of America chapter at Pearce.

“The Coffee Bar will be student-run and operated by DECA,” said Ms. Koshkin.

Ms. Koshkin wants students to have a real-life experience when working the coffee bar rather than just learning in a Marketing class.

“I hope we will need to do less fundraising outside of school and that it will teach the students working it real-life experience instead of just learning marketing in the classroom,” Ms. Koshkin added.

The coffee bar menu items have not been determined yet and still need to be approved by the district.

However, DECA has proposed kettle chips, muffins, fruit popsicles (Outshine Bars), beef jerky, yogurt and granola, frozen yogurt, cookies and some sort of hot breakfast item.

For drinks, they proposed smoothies, slushies, fruit juice, Mountain Dew Kickstart, carbonated fruit juice, and coffee. DECA has also proposed the idea of Dominos Pizza.

This new library is going to change how students work, collaborate and learn.

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