Pearce theater performs ‘Shakespeare in Love’ for the fall show

By Natalie Nation | News Editor

The theater department performed a play titled Shakespeare in Love from Sept. 20th–23rd.

The play is about a young woman named Viola de Lesseps (played by senior Carly Koon) and Will Shakespeare (senior Jaren Lewison).

Viola dreams of acting, but because she is a woman, she is not allowed to perform. Since women are not allowed to act, Viola pretends to be a man in order to play Romeo in Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet.

The opening scene begins with Will in his room trying to brainstorm something to write for the play. They will perform this play for Queen Elizabeth I (senior Megan Droste).

The patron for Shakespeare’s new play, Philip Henslow (senior Tyler Wisner), is in debt to Hugh Fennyman (junior Jacob Ochoa). Henslow offers Hugh a chance to be his partner in the new comedy Shakespeare is writing.

Will had not written anything when they started to have auditions for Romeo, the main character. Viola decides to audition as a man under the name Thomas Kent. Viola gets the part, but eventually Will discovers that she is a woman, and they start a love affair.

Will starts to write his play, inspired by Viola with advice from his friend and rival, Kit Marlow (senior Ben Summey). Viola learns that Will is married and heartbroken, but it doesn’t end their affair.

Their affair ends when Viola’s father, Sir Robert de Lesseps (junior Celt Ward), arranged a betrothal between Viola and Lord Wessex (senior Walker Uchereck).

The theater that Will’s play will be at is shut down because the true identity of Thomas Kent is found uncovered. However, another theater offers to let Shakespeare put on his play, with Will taking on the role of Romeo.

Meanwhile, Viola and Lord Wessex are married the day the play will be performed. Viola slips away to go and watch the play.

The man that is going to play Juliet (sophomore Eason Pinny), has lost his voice. Viola steps in to save the day by playing Juliet.

The Queen is told that there is a woman on the stage and that she should have all the actors arrested for indecency. The Queen does not do this, siding with Viola.

The marriage between Lord Wessex and Viola cannot be undone. Viola goes to Virginia with Lord Wessex. This is the tragic ending to the love of Will and Viola.

Shakespeare’s play resembles the love between Viola and himself in Romeo and Juliet. Romeo and Juliet ends as a tragedy, as did Viola and Will’s love. Shakespeare is inspired by Viola to write his next play, which features a main character named Viola who disguises herself as a boy.

The play was very well done. The actors showed emotion and worked well together. The audience could tell they were invested in the story, which in turn invested the audience in the story.

The play was both a tragedy and a comedy at the same time. The play even featured a dog that ran around on the stage.

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