Sandwich Club prepares food for shelters

By Katherine Stanley | Opinion Editor

Twice a month Pearce’s Sandwich Club meets in the cafeteria to make about 200 sandwiches to be taken to the Austin Street Shelter to feed those in need.

The shelter the Sandwich club donates to cares for over 400 men and women, according to their website. The club hopes to make 400 sandwiches per meeting in the future.

“We would always love people to join,” club president Leah Okamura said. “We always need more help on donations. Throughout the year we have different fund-raisers, and we really want the whole school to help in that.”

The sandwiches made during meetings are put in bags and given to the shelter.

“We make our sandwiches a special way. They are peanut butter, jelly, peanut butter, so they can last all day without getting soggy. They’re set in these little lunch sacks that are for the people who need to take them during the day,” Leah said

As the sandwiches are donations, hygiene is very important for the Sandwich Club. Members are expected to carefully wipe down the table when they go to the cafeteria for meetings, wash their hands for 40 seconds, tie long hair back and wear gloves. This ensures that there will be as few germs as possible in the food prepared.

For every meeting, students get one service hour, even if they happen to finish early or late on any given day. Also, for those who are primarily interested in the service hours, the club also takes small trips down to the shelter itself with a group of about 20 individuals who have signed up for it so that they can help out directly.

“Originally, I joined this club my freshman or sophomore year, and I joined it originally because I thought the name was funny. I thought it’d be like, ‘Oh, maybe will be eating sandwiches’,” Leah said. “And then, as I got in this club and learned what it was really about, I became really passionate about it because I really wanted to help others.”

The Sandwich Club is not glamorous, but it is an organization that allows students to make a difference and helps people in need. Its slogan is “Funny Name, Serious Club” because while the name might be humorous, the club takes itself seriously, and it offers real opportunities for students to make the world a better place.

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