Aquaman film redefines DC movies

By Seth Cano | Editor in Chief

It was a slow year for the DC Extended Universe in terms of movies, but that all changed once Aquaman had hit the box offices on Dec. 21. Aquaman made that slow year feel a lot more worth it.

Aquaman follows Arthur Curry on his journey to claim his rightful throne and save Atlantis.

It is amazing just how insane this movie is, whether it be from heart-wrenching reunion scenes or just underwater ocean battles. Despite the insanity that is Aquaman, the plot is not insane by any means. It is simple yet effective.

This film never leaves the viewer questioning why certain things happened and in that order. The easy to follow plot allows for one to soak in all the action-packed ocean battles.

This movie also has plenty of great actors like Jason Momoa who plays Aquaman and Nicole Kidman as Atlanna.

This movie is not only for superhero and DC fans, but it is also for anybody who likes a heartwrenching reunion story. A huge portion of Aquaman is focused on his family and how he is the rightful heir to the throne.

Do not let the long runtime scare you away from seeing this film. Every single minute of it feels worthy to be included and a worthwhile moment. Aquaman never left me wondering when the movie would be over. Despite how long it was, the time went by very fast.

This film is one of the best for Warner Brothers Entertainment DC Extended Universe in recent years because it redefines the genre of film.

It is the perfect mix to keep longtime DC fans happy while being different enough to welcome non-superhero movie fans.

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