LIFT team helps kids in trouble

By Reagan Grace Wheat | Sports Editor

LIFT is a student-guided program that helps students who are experiencing social problems that interfere with their learning. LIFT means Loving Intervention For Teens. There are eight faculty members on the team. The team leader is English and AP Capstone teacher Miranda Gilliam.

“Once a teen is referred to LIFT, our team leader, Ms. Gilliam, researches the student’s schedule and contacts all their teachers to ask about their academic performance,” said Kristy Sender, a member of the LIFT team.

Ms. Sender is the crisis counselor and knows firsthand the positive impact LIFT makes on students.

“Many students at Pearce are referred to LIFT by their teachers and fellow students because they seem like they don’t fit in, so the LIFT team’s mission is to help find them find their place,” Ms. Sender said.

After students are referred to the LIFT team, it takes some time to assess the student’s social situation and find the right plan of action for them.

The team meets and comes up with options for the student based on the referring teacher’s or peer’s feedback.

They ask each other questions like What are some things we could do? And, what is the appropriate action to take? Then they discuss their options with each other with loving intentions for the student.

The LIFT team helps students with confidence building, academic school work, or finding their social place.

Around the building, there are also posters to help guide students to right locations around the building. The posters have more information about the LIFT team and people to reach out to around the building. There are also links on the poster to help guide a student to get help from a teacher right away. If a student fills out the form, they can be helped as soon as possible with regards to their problem.

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