Phones being used during school hours.

By Isaac Garduno | Staff Writer

Phones nowadays are used by mostly everyone and can be used freely almost everywhere, and one of the places that they can or can not be used in are some situations at school. Each teacher makes their own phone policy to control the usage of phones by their students, which helps but not always.

There are a few negative aspects to phones during the school day. For example, A student can be distracted on their cell phones, which I do sometimes see this but not always. Although some students know how to follow the rules others may like to be rebels and disobey or make excuses. A common generalized rule amongst teachers is that students cannot take out their phones during class.

While there are negative consequences as a result of phone usage in school, there are also positives to it. For example, students being more interested in the lesson when they get to use technology. A common tool that shows this is quizizz and/or quizlet. This leads to increased participation during class. Another positive is students can use their phones as a backup device when their Chromebook is dead or damaged. Phones can also help in an emergency, which lets students call their parents if something dangerous happened in school.

I believe the perfect solution to these issues would be for phones to be in the students’ backpack that way teachers can see when students go for their backpack. That way if students want to use their phones they’re going to need to ask the teacher or the teacher should realize if a student is in their backpack.

In conclusion, I don’t always think that it’s the phones fault, I think that it’s the students’ responsibility to pay attention during class and turn in their work in time.

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