“Shazam” gives DC another critically acclaimed movie

By Seth Cano | Editor in Chief

The first film of the year for DC Extended Universe hit theaters April 5 in the form of Shazam! Shazam is a superhero who hasn’t been in the spotlight much as of late, but he’s been revived. Shazam! is an excellent tale of a troubled youth in foster care, who receives powers.

These powers come unwillingly, though, as he is summoned into a cave by a wizard who asks him to be his successor. The wizard demands he touch his staff and say “Shazam!”.

Shazam finds its charm when young Billy Batson (Shazam, the wizard’s successor), jumps from home to home and finally finds the right one to call “family.” Billy grows an especially tight-knit bond with his new foster brother, Frederick “Freddie” Freeman, as they share a common interest in the powers he received.

Actor Zachary Levi plays Shazam, while Asher Angel plays his counterpart, not in superpower form.

Mark Strong plays Doctor Sivanna, the antagonist of the film. Strong’s character was summoned by the wizard as a child but ultimately was deemed unfit for power.

Marta Milans and Cooper Andrews play

Rosa and Victor, the foster parents of the nerd power gang. Djimon Hounsou plays the wizard who gives Billy his powers.

The actors and actresses in Shazam are perfectly suited to the characters they play. Shazam had a box office take of $282

million. While this is the lowest of the DCEU films, it also had one of the lowest budgets and is being critically acclaimed.

While Shazam doesn’t do anything special, it shows that not every movie has to extend the plotline of the entire universe and can instead follow individual character storylines.

While Marvel continues its focus on the storyline of some of its characters, Warner Bros. has been reluctant to follow suit, as they focus on the superpowers at hand – or at least until very recently.

Lately, the DCEU films have been really good, mostly due to their focus on character personality. This new direction for DC is satisfying, and it will be exciting to see where this universe goes next.

Shazam has proven to be a hit for both Marvel fans and DC. With its focus on fam- ily and less on powers, it is easy to for any- one to love.

Shazam is easily recommendable to anybody looking for a comedy as well as superhero action.

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